Kia Reveals Newly Refreshed EV6 With 307 Miles Of Range 

The 2025 Kia EV6 Now Has A Charging Speed From 10% to 80% In 18 Minutes With Its 84 kWh Battery Pack

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By Michael Phoon • May 14, 2024

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Kia has lifted the curtain on its 2025 Kia EV6 electric vehicle (EV) for the South Korean EV market to order. The EV6 now comes with an improved range, fresh features, a new design, and overall improved driving experience. 

The new 2025 Kia EV6 now arrives as one of Kia’s compelling options in its EV lineup with its presence graced by the success of the EV9, which has made headlines recently winning the award for 2024 World Car of the Year and 2024 World Electric Car In addition, Kia has been making great sales numbers with its EVs, making the introduction of the EV6 more assured.

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As for the performance aspects, the Kia EV6 comes with upgrades as its battery pack contains 84 kWh compared to its predecessor’s 77.4 kWh. As a result, the range of the Kia EV6 has gone up to 307 miles, making it more capable of long-distance trips. The charging speed has also improved with the new EV6 capable of charging from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes when connected to a 350 kW fast charger.

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In terms of the exterior design, the 2025 Kia EV6 displays a facelift with a more modern aesthetic on the front and rear lights being redesigned with Kia’s “Star Map Signature Lighting.” Also, the low and high-beam lights are now placed in a nearly triangular housing with a distinctive touch resonating with designs from Kia’s EV9 and EV5. 

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As for the interior, Kia has showcased its new ccNC infotainment system that provides seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other features include remote smart parking assist 2 and advanced voice recognition. Notably, the panoramic curved display has been updated with its 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 12.3-inch infotainment screen remaining the same, but its steering wheel possesses an off-center logo design along with a new row of control buttons. Furthermore, the Kia EV6’s driving experience has also improved with frequency-sensitive shock absorbers and improved motor noise control. 

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Regarding pricing and trim options, the new EV6 has a starting price of 55.4 million won ($40,500) for the Long Range and Light trims. Its Air trim has a starting price of 58.24 million won ($42,600) and the Earth trim starts at 62.52 million won ($45,700). Moreover, Kia also has the EV6 in a sporty GT-Line trim with exclusive 20-inch wheels and a distinctive front LED center lamp that starts at 63.15 million won ($46,200). 

With the arrival of the 2025 Kia EV6 making headlines in South Korea, the anticipation that it will arrive in the U.S. will be further revealed in the future. Adding improved range, new design, and several other impressive features, the EV6 will be spearheading Kia’s strategy for EV sales growth while offering its buyers another EV offering from its lineup. The 2025 Kia EV6 is anticipated to launch in June 2024. 

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