BMW i4 Becomes Brand’s Most Affordable Lease Option

For $499 A Month Over 36 months

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By • April 2, 2024

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BMW’s latest electric vehicle (EV) offering, the all-electric i4, has emerged as the most budget-friendly lease option in the esteemed automaker’s lineup. The i4 does not belong to the entry-level category for EVs. However, the i4’s lease deals are turning heads for their exceptional value. Here’s what you need to know about this enticing opportunity.

Currently, BMW is rolling out lease deals for the 2024 i4 eDrive35, offering it at $499 per month over 36 months, with a down payment of $4,599. According to CarsDirect, this arrangement translates to an effective monthly cost of $627, presenting a compelling proposition considering the i4’s MSRP of $54,545. Despite the gas-powered 4-Series boasting a lower MSRP, leasing it comes at a significantly higher cost compared to the BMW i4, with an effective monthly cost of $808 for the 2024 430i model.

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Despite the i4 not being eligible for the federal EV tax credit, BMW’s ability to offer a more enticing lease deal on the pricier i4 is attributed to the incorporation of a $7,500 lease cash incentive. This substantial incentive significantly reduces the overall cost of leasing the i4, making it a more appealing option. By leveraging these loopholes, BMW effectively enhances the i4’s affordability and attractiveness as a leasing option within its lineup.

What makes the BMW i4 more enticing is its specifications which makes the leasing deals more worth it. With a remarkable estimated range of up to 276 miles on a single charge and 282 horsepower, this EV offers dynamic acceleration, reaching 0-60 mph in approximately 5.80 seconds. Its rear-wheel drive configuration, coupled with a 70.2 kWh battery, ensures optimal performance. Along with a top speed of 118 mph, the i4 strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and performance.

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With these great specs and engaging leasing terms for BMW’s i4, this option becomes the most economical choice among BMW’s offerings. With this in mind, the i4 appears as a compelling option if you are looking for an EV lease that contains cheap and luxury attributes applied together.

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